The History of the Bell

The Bell

The Bell

This bell was once in the Presbyterian Church which was built in 1880 on the site of the current Masonic Lodge on Road 38 in Sharbot Lake. In 1923, the church was sold to the Masonic Lodge along with the bell. However, when the building burned three years later, the bell was salvaged. In 1934 it was sold to the Sharbot Lake Public School for $15. There, it remained in use until an electric bell was installed in the late 50’s. It then went into storage in the school basement. In the late 60’s, Jerry Hollywood bought the bell and installed it on a hillside beside his cottage on St. George’s Lake. It was used on many occasions to call his sons home from neighbours or to call them off the lake when a storm was approaching. In 1999, the bell was taken to Hollywood’s new home near Port Elmsley where it remained in their flower garden until it was brought back “home” in July of 2011 and installed in its present location.

We thank Jerry and Barbara Hollywood for donating the bell to

 the Central Frontenac Railway Heritage Society.

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