Local Railroaders

Here is list of men that worked on the railroad in and around Sharbot Lake. It is far from being complete. If you would like to add someone to the list (photos also accepted) please let me know. I can be reached via e-mail at:


Updated December 14th, 2019

Gary Cooke – founder of our Railroad Heritage Park, Gary retired in February 2000 after 29 years on the Road.
William (Scotty) Meldrum – Sharbot Lake, baggage man/assistant agent, retired 1953


Scotty is on the left, Jimmy Allen on the right

George A. Meldrum – B&B, bridgeman
Jimmy Allen – operator
Carmen Tripp – operator
Frank Dowdall – section man, section foreman – Cavan, Sharbot Lake


Frank Dowdall receives Track Section Prize – 1946

Jack Dowdall – section foreman – Glen Tay
Edward J.Dowdall – roadmaster – Havelock Subdivision
William “Bill” Dowdall – Cobourg
George Dowdall – welder, Smiths Falls
Henry Weese – Havelock
Harry Weese – engineer – Havelock, Trenton, Smiths Falls – joined the CPR on May 24, 1903. Retired circa 1954.
Tony Humphrey – engineer – Smiths Falls.
Earl Dixon – section man
Herb Campbell – section man, section foreman K&P
Archie Riddell – section man

Archie Riddell retires: Jack Byars, Archie Riddell, roadmaster Norris Thomlison, section foreman Frank Dowdall, Letford Kirkham, Ed Whitticar.

Ed Donnelly – section foreman
R.H. Donnelly – bridgeman
W.R. Donnelly – bridgeman/foreman
Harold Donnelly – bridgeman/foreman
Wib Donnelly – B&B
W.G. Blakely – bridgeman/foreman
G.E. Bertrim – painter/bridgeman
Hugh Hinchey
Charlie Fields
Pete Neilson
Eddie Neilson
Gord Tryon – bridgeman/permanent labourer
Edward (Ted) D. Gordon – Crane operator
Ray “Fergie” Ferguson – Signal maintenance
Leslie Miller – K&P train crew
Jim Bertrim – Telecommunications
Jack Byars – section man
Cecil Commodore – section man
E. Asselstine – painter/permanent labourer
Dick Bonner
Robert “Bob” England – section man
Merv England
G.G. Hollywood- painter/permanent labourer
Ron Hollywood – telecommunications
Frank Hollywood – telecommunications
Bob Hollywood – telecommunications
Robert Foshay – Bonarlaw, Mountain Grove, Trenton
Lorne H. Johnston – Formerly of Arden, Ontario. Started as a summer student on the C.P.R. at 15 doing local B&B before becoming a crane operator in the Toronto area. He worked on the C.P.R. for 50 years! He was never late or missed a day of work. Retired May 22nd, 1992.
Eber Kirkham
Don Kirkham – operator, Trenton

Jimmy Kirkham – section man
Letford Kirkham – section man, Maberly
Joseph Kirkham – section foreman – Glen Tay, Christie Lake, Bolingbroke, Bathurst (Wemyss).

Harold Kirkham – section foreman – Kaladar

Earl Kirkham  – section man, welder, machine operator, retired 1980

Earl Kirkham (left) retires seen shaking hands with Leonard Patterson (right).

Tommy Asselstine – CPR agent – last CPR agent at Sharbot Lake.
William M. Robertson – CPR telegrapher/agent/operator and entrepreneur – Perth, Sharbot Lake, Medonte, Kingston, Peterborough and many others. Author of the book “Just Plain Bill”, a memoir of railroad adventures and entrepreneurial challenges.
Bruce Chapman – CPR operator – Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Ottawa West
B.E. Barr – agent
Ed Whitticar – section man
Norris Thomlison – roadmaster
Ernie Boyd- agent – Lavant, Sharbot Lake
H.B. Hawley – bridgeman/pile driver engineer/foreman
B.Hawley – bridgeman/carpenter
W. Hawley – carpenter
G.E. McPherson – bridgeman
Alex McPherson – bridgeman/carpenter/foreman
Norman McPherson – bridgeman/carpenter
F. McPherson – bridgeman
E. MacPherson – bridgeman/permanent labourer
H.A. “Sandy” McPherson – bridgeman/carpenter/foreman
G. Barker – bridgeman
Merv England
M. Allen – bridgeman
R.G. Allen – permanent labourer/bridgeman
A. Antoine – permanent labourer/bridgeman
C. Fox – bridgeman
H. Duffy – pumpman/bridgeman
Alex Raymo – bridgeman
L. Raymo – bridgeman
H. Vanalstine – bridgeman
Percy Lake – section man
Tom Badour – section man
Lloyd Whan – telecommunications
Johnny Whan – B&B
Roy Whan
Frank Sullivan – section man
Keith Sullivan – section man
Fred Sullivan – section man
Herb Blair – K&P roadmaster
Ken Gibson – K&P roadmaster
Frank Aston – Station agent (night), Sharbot Lake
Leroy Badour
Cecil Commodore
Art Conboy
Norm MacCrimmon
Orval York
Bernie Winger – station agent
John Brown – station agent
Bob Crawford – section man
Bob Duncan – B and B foreman
Eber Walroth – C.P. Express – Sharbot Lake, Perth
Peter Crowman –  agent
Herb Roberts – pump man
Harry Roche – operator
Delmar Hunt – operator
W.B. Lanigan (Billy) – commenced work in 1884 with the C.P.R. as a telegraph operator (first ?) at Sharbot Lake, became freight traffic manager of all the C.P.R. lines.
J. Roche – baggage man
Grattan Robinson – operator
Martin Ryan – baggage man
Tom Willis – car man
William Milliken – switch man
Lawrence Cameron – operator – Tichborne
Derwood (D.F) Cameron – CPR agent


D.F. Cameron circa 1950

Ernie J. Walker – CPR agent, 1936-1949

Ernie Walker

Bernard “Bun” Clobridge – CPR agent – Tichborne, Sharbot Lake, Kingston 

Bun Clobridge

Alexander Drew – Maintenance of Way – Glen Tay Subdivision, transferred to Oshawa in 1968, retired 1981.
A.C. “Clare” Price – Bridge and Building Master, worked on the CPR for 51 years from 1914 to 1965
Richard Webster – section man
D. Webster – permanent labourer/bridgeman
Warren Webster – engineer, retired March 1992

Warren Webster

Warren Webster on the right. Retired, March 1992, after 48 years!