Random Articles

Over the past four years, while researching Central Frontenac’s railway history among other things, a lot of new railway history has been discovered. As a result, a collection of random articles has evolved. In the next month or so, expect to see some of these articles published on this web page. Stuff you knew, stuff you didn’t. And at least two mysteries ….

It’s also suggested you take a look at our Railway Society binders which are located in the Sharbot Lake Public Library. There is a total of six binders full of photos and clippings on the railroad in the area. Two of these binders have been recently updated with new photos and stories. Some of the facts may surprise you!

Also in the library are twelve binders on the History of Oso Township which were put together by the Oso Township Historical Society. A great collection of history from the early beginnings until the seventies.